About De Wet Automotive

de wet automotive - about us

De Wet Automotive Performance Service & Repairs is an independent automotive service and repair shop.
We are committed to provide quality repairs and exceptional customer service that are based on honesty, integrity and professional expertise. The owner and all employees have the skills, training and many years of experience to work on most domestic and import vehicles.

We work together as a team with mutual respect, honesty and hard work which is the foundation of our success. We adhere to high ethical standards with the aims in mind of doing the right thing at the right time and the right place.

Our goal is to completely satisfy our customers and to keep their vehicles safe, reliable andoperating in optimal condition.
We repair and service all makes & models. We also service fleets for local companies and organizations.

Auto Repair Technical Statistics

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Auto Repair Services We Offer:

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Vehicle damaged? We’ll fix it

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